Educated Beards

The summer of 2016 brought new life and period of change for Educated Beards founders, Kevin Lebeouf and Alicia Philips, welcoming a new baby and Kevin making the decision to leave the Canadian Armed Forces. To mark the beginning of the shift Kevin decided to do something he couldn’t do in the Forces - grow a beard. His beard grew in as most do - with irritation, dissatisfaction and general discomfort. Not willing to give up on his beard just yet, Kevin purchased his first beard oil. While his partner Alicia was strongly supportive of his beard, as a Holistic Nutritionist she was not impressed by the products’ harsh chemicals and toxic ingredient list. When the search for a safe and effective alternative proved unsuccessful, she looked to her own background for solutions. After months of research, testing and trials, Educated Beards was formed - a versatile line of premium and holistically safe beard care essentials made in small batches in Fredericton, New Brunswick.