Bee By The Sea

Bee by The Sea Natural Products was founded in 2008 by Andrew Wingrove with the chance discovery of the sea buckthorn berry while travelling abroad. He quickly appreciated its incredible healing qualities, anti-aging benefits and rich history as a medicinal plant. As an avid beekeeper, Andrew instantly connected that this superfood would be a great companion to another natural powerhouse, honey. After some research and development, Andrew launched a cream unlike anything else on the market and Bee by The Sea was born! Fast forward to today and they are still producing that bestselling body cream and an entire collection using their key ingredients, sea buckthorn and honey. Customers have reported success using their products for mild skin conditions and improving the overall appearance and texture. Bee By The Sea produces their products in small batches using quality natural ingredients. They are a true Canadian brand; proudly producing and packaging their products in Ontario and are passionate about clean and cruelty free beauty!