Whiskey River Soap Co. Bath Bombs

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Does life lack that certain effervescence it one possessed? Has the utter flatness of 21st century existence carved a yawning chasm in your soul? Good news! Now you can fill that empty space with a hilarious bath bomb—well, at least until the fizzing stops.

Net Weight: 6 oz.
Note: Because bath bombs are handmade, no two bombs are identical.

Handmade bath bombs shrink-wrapped and packaged in Kraft brown boxes.

Birthday Blues - Sad Birthday Cake Scented
Cat People - Warm Milk Scented
Day Drinking - Tub Sangria Scented
Dog People - Grassy Dog Park Scented
What Kids? - Wine Straight From the Bottle Scented
Zero Fucks - Creamsicle Scented

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