Universal Stone Cleaning & Polishing Stone 650g

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Eco-friendly, biodegradable, multi-purpose, cleaning and polishing stone.

Safe on many surfaces:

-  Remove stubborn stains - Lifts crayon and permanent marker from many surfaces. Removes lime and hard water deposits, grease, and those hard to clean stains.
-  Kitchen - Easily dissolves grease and cleans kitchen furniture, sinks, taps, counters, backsplash, cupboards, refrigerators, enamel, ceramic & glass stove-tops, ovens and cookware.
-  Bathrooms - Clean lime-scale and soap-scum from sinks, showers, shower doors, tiles, grout, toilets and bathtubs.
-  Around the house - Clean windows, blinds, sealed wood surfaces, fine silverware or jewellery.
-  In the garage - Sporting equipment, golf and tennis shoes, garden furniture, BBQs. Detail cars, boats and RVs, inside and out, including windshields and vinyl.
-  More uses - Trophies, musical instruments, the list is endless!

Safe for children and pets:

Made from all-natural ingredients - Soap flakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, clay, natural lemon oils.
Allergy and asthma tested

650g - approx. 6 months useage.

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