Little Luxeries Bath Salts 1KG

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Welcome a Little Luxury into your bath with the best of both worlds - Epsom Salts, and Bubble Bath! Enjoy the water softening properties of Epsom Salts, yummy fragrance, and the bonus of bubbles!

Bubble Salts are Epsom Salt based bubble bath – truly a unique product and the best of both worlds. Epsom Salts have been used for hundreds of years to ease general aches, to smooth and exfoliate skin, and because of the high levels of magnesium, are even reported to be mood boosting! Little Luxuries Bubble Salts are lightly fragranced, and include a coconut derived bubble bath, providing an aromatic bubble bath with the benefits of Epsom!

Please note: this is not a fizzing product; like bubble bath, pour under running water to generate bubbles.

Use a little or a lot, depending on your level of indulgence.

Hand Crafted in Nova Scotia. As these are hand made by us in small batches, appearances will vary from batch to batch.

Comes in a 1kg plastic bottle.