Krazy Kitty Cat Nip Blanket

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The Krazy Kitty refillable catnip blanket will instantly become a source of continuous entertainment for your favorite feline, as well as being a colourful, comfortable place to sleep.

The Krazy Kitty refillable catnip blanket contains certified organic catnip and is made from 100% cotton fabric and the finest quality non-pilling Arctic Fleece.

Place the blanket where you want your cat to be. It will quickly become your cats favourite place to play and sleep. Fits in a cat carrier and will keep your cat calm while travelling. Contains enough catnip to last 6 months to a year of use. Remove contents, machine wash blanket cover in cold water. Tumble dry and refill

Size: 13" x 21"

Made in Canada.

NOTE: the patterns change all the time so when you order if you'd like to receive a photo of our current patterns please make a note in the comments section when ordering.

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