Grohmann 10" Chef Knife Forged

Forged, top of the line professional grade knives. Heavy, well balanced. For chopping, dicing veggies, meat and more - 240grams.

#209FG-10 Straight edge 10" blade.

Made in Nova Scotia!

Regular (Good) - Perfect for everyday kitchen usage, this line has stood the test of time for many decades. This line has been designed for safety, comfort, balance and lasting beauty. It is a partial tang steel, the steel goes part way through the handle so it is a more lightweight knife.

Full Tang (Better) - These better quality knives are made with high carbon stainless "full tang" steel, meaning the steel extends completely through the handle. The steel is a bit thicker and heavier than the regular and poly line knives.

Forged (Best) - Designed for professional chefs and discriminating home cooks, these heavier, precision-balanced knives are easily distinguished by a thick steel bolster that separates the blade and the handle as well as steel that runs throughout the handle. These are the best quality/best balanced.

The high carbon stainless steel used in the Kitchen Knives range throughout the different lines, providing a Good Quality [poly & regular lines], Better Quality [full tang rosewood and full tang xtra lines], and Best Quality [forged rosewood and forged xtra lines].  Rockwell 54-56 hardness is maintained across the Kitchen Knife lines.