Umbra Hammock Wall Organizer

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This wall mounted organizer is ideal for entryway or kitchen spaces as it has integrated storage for jackets, bags, and small accessories. The Hammock Wall Organizer features 5 storage hooks for items to be hung and a suede microfiber pocket for smaller items such as keys, phones, wallets, mail and more. Its microfiber suede pocket helps protect and keep items clean, while each hook hold up to 3 lbs. Designed for small space living, this organizer takes advantage of unused wall space to create a designated spot for items to be neatly stored.

Unique & Modern: This modern organizer mounts to the wall for an innovative and decorative storage unit, versatile for a variety of spaces
Small-Space Living: Designed by Umbra Studio, the Hammock Wall Organizer declutters items while taking up minimal space on your wall. A great addition for small space living and a functional solution for entryway, kitchen or bedrooms
Micro-Fiber Suede Pocket: Hammock’s microfiber suede pocket helps store and protect your items from unwanted scratches or damage
Multifunctional Organizer: This versatile storage sling has 5 storage hooks and a pocket organizer to neatly hold belongings

Measurments: 16.25" L x 6.88" W x 3.25" H

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