Thermohair Therapeutic Socks - Ladies Small (5-6)

Knit with large loops of luxuriously soft 68%/32% kid mohair/nylon yarn, the therapeutic style removes the 2 inches elastic  cuff for those who prefer nothing binding around the leg. These are often chosen by diabetics, people with heart and blood circulation problems, or swelling ankles.

With unparalleled insulation and cushioning, they are the most comfortable, warm, durable socks that you will ever own. Ideal for those working and playing in the cold outdoors: contractors, hunters, fishermen, hikers, trekkers, linesmen, skiers, snowmobilers, skin divers...

Kid mohair is hair sheared from the kid angora goats during their first year of life. It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades. Only 1 million pounds of this grade of fibre is produced worldwide per year. It is called the diamond fibre because it is very strong and rare. It is as soft as cashmere, yet wears out the stainless steel parts in the knitting machines. Mohair wicks away moisture and can hold water many times its weight without your foot feeling wet.

Machine washable, but hang to dry.

Note:  If you have wider feet and are at the top size of the pair of socks, you may consider choosing the next size up.

Made in Canada.