Sizzle Lighters The Survival

For every adventure
The Sizzle Survival is an attraction for any active outdoor enthusiast who appreciates its versatile and dependable multi-use as a rechargeable USB arc lighter and waterproof plasma flashlight. Weighing only 56 grams and compact, the lanyard attachment allows for easy carry and hands-free operation. Select from bold colours of blue, black, red or discreet camouflage.  

Reliable fire and light
The side panel button initiates the plasma waterproof flashlight. Press again for emergency strobe effect.  
Release the Survival’s safety lock to expose the igniter. Press the button and engage the lighter’s powerful double arc ignition.

Eco-friendly rechargeable reliability
The long-lasting lithium-ion battery is generating up to 100 ignitions on a single charge. The average lifespan of the battery is 10,000 ignitions or 100 charges. (USB charge cord included)

Carry a fuel-free Sizzle Survival and charge from any USB adapter or USB device – just like your phone!  (USB charge cord included).

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