Peregrine Beard Box Care Package

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Peregrine's Beard Box Care Set is the last word in complete beard care. The set contains:

 • a Face and Beard Soap to clean your beard without causing dryness.
 • A bottle of their premium Beard Oil, to care for your skin and help you to grow your best beard.
 • A tin of Beard Balm, to keep your mane soft, conditioned and under control.

What’s awesome about Peregrine beard oil?

- Jojoba Oil constitutes the majority of their Beard Oil base, meaning that the blend closely resembles your skin's natural oils. The result is a quick-absorbing, non-greasy and deeply hydrating oil to care for your skin.
- Beard Oils are the answer for itchiness and irritation under your beard. The blend is even anti-microbial, meaning that it will help keep blemishes and ingrown hairs under control.
- Fatty acids will promote circulation in your skin, which can help to fill in patchiness and help you grow your best beard.
- Their blend is formulated with their signature Dry-Base of carriers oils, which is exceedingly light and quick-absorbing, but still has the hydration that your skin craves.
- For medium and long beards, they recommend pairing your Beard Oil with your favourite Beard Balm to keep everything neat, tidy and softer than ever.

What's awesome about Peregrine beard balm?

- Lanolin deeply conditions both the skin and hair, while creating a protective, breathable barrier to keep moisture in. The result is a softer, more comfortable beard.
- Natural, raw beeswax lends a medium-strength, natural feeling hold to the balm, to keep your beard neat and tidy, while still allowing it move naturally.
- Carefully blended carrier oils will go deep to nourish your beard, and moisturize the skin underneath all day. The blend doesn't leave any greasiness behind, and won't clog pores.
- Antioxidant Camellia Seed Oil protects skin from damaging free-radicals, leaving skin looking younger and healthier.

Made in British Columbia.