Osha Mae Handcrafted Soap

Osha Mae's Cold Process Soap production is a lengthy process whereby natural fats and oil ingredients are eventually petrified or preserved. The Aromatic compounds and Herbal ingredients in their recipes will positively impact you in a valuable way!

Most commercial soap bars found in the market place are detergents & not real soap at all, they are called synthetic detergent bars. They are made from synthesized chemicals and are harsher than soap. Detergents contain petroleum distillates rather than oil.

True soap is made with oils such as olive, coconut, & palm oils & are a gentle cleansing product, more appropriate for the use on the skin rather than a detergent. Glycerin is naturally produced in the making of soap. In commercial soap the glycerin is removed to be resold to the cosmetics industry. Glycerin is important to the skin because it is a humectant. Helps to protect and seal moisture to the skin. Osha Mae makes sure to include organic local ingredients  in their soap & products.  Sea plants are hand harvested or locally sourced, and the herbs are wild crafted or grown in their own herb gardens.

All of the colors in the soap bars are herbal additives that impart toning regenerative qualities for sensitive skin types.

All of Osha Mae's products have been processed by Health Canada Regulations Standards. Osha Mae Soap is Legally registered & Insured company.

Handcrafted in Nova Scotia.