Osha Mae Facial Soap

Carrot Juice Facial Soap

- Saponified oils: Olive, Coconut, Palm, Grape seed, Organic local Sunflower, Organic Safflower, & Jojoba. 
- Freshly  juiced organic carrots, spring water, tumeric (curcuma longa).
- Pure essential oils: Sweet orange (citrus sinensis) Lemon (citrus limonum) Lime (citrus aurantifolia) Palmarosa (cymbopogon martinii) Lavender (lavandula augustifolia) Lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus)
- Freshly juiced carrots infuse a vitamin A and betacarotene rich minerals in this soap bar.
- Tumeric (curcuma longa) is mildly detoxifying & cell regenerating.
- Citrus essential oils are useful for reducing oily skin & spots and stimulating wound healing for reducing scars.



Activated Charcoal Facial Soap

A deeply clarifying formula, its ideal use is for clarifying the skins appearance. Deeply cleansing blemishes and blackheads. Detoxifying antibacterial oils tone and stimulates the dermal layer. Cleaning your complexion, gentle for daily use.

- Saponified Oils: Olive, Coconut, Palm, Apricot kernel, Jojoba & Castor.
- Organic Herbs/Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Aussie Black clay, Neem leaf, Oregon graperoot,
- Pure essential oils: Lavender, Palmarosa, Ylang ylang, Geranium, Thyme, & Niaouli.

After rinsing your face with warm water, create a light lather and apply in circular motions with finger tips over the surface of your skin, avoiding the eye area.  Rinse with a warm washcloth in circular motions. Finish with their Neroli or Rose Hydrosol spray or Rose Facial Toner. When the toners are used in combination with serums they create the nicest lightest protective moisture barrier on the skin. (For Hydration)

For acne prone skin: Finish up with their Activated Charcoal Facial Mask.

Activated Charcoal Benefits
Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolized, adsorbed or absorbed by the body, but it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds. Activated charcoal powder is proven to adsorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances, which makes it a popular ingredient in facial masks.

Oregon Grape Root (Mahonia Aquifolium) is best-known for its ability to cleanse the blood of toxins. Its detox effect is a natural result of its ability to stimulate health and beauty benefits.

Relieves placque psoriasis.
The entire Oregon grape root plant is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Herbalists consider Oregon Grape an excellent alternative to the now endangered Goldenseal. infection-fighting, antiseptic constituent berberine. scientifically proven that herbs containing berberine protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Oregon grape root is also an excellent treatment for placque psoriasis, an inherited systemic inflammatory disease of immune dysfunction whose most obvious visible characteristic is elevated, inflamed skin cells. Used topically, Oregon grape root “can be used in skin washes to deter the over production of skin cells that occurs in placque psoriasis.” More than one study has concluded that Oregon grape root is more effective for psoriasis than pharmaceutical preparations. A study published in American Journal of Therapeutics, focusing on the topical use of Oregon grape root, showed that the herb was not only effective but had fewer (and less harmful) side-effects.


Handcrafted in Nova Scotia.