LAVISH Jewelry Cleaner Bottle

The only jewelry cleaner you'll ever need!

Lavish is the non-toxic professional jewelry cleaning foam that restores original brilliance to any gem or jewelry. Unlike most jewelry cleaners, Lavish is virtually odorless and has no toxic fumes. No scrubbing or rubbing! In just seconds, jewelry is restored to new condition. Not to worry... Lavish will not damage any kind of gem or jewelry.

How does it work? Lavish is a non-toxic, biodegradable formulation which turns the grease, oil and grime on the jewelry into soap right on the surface so that the ionic reaction actually sequesters all the dirt, oil and grime and rinses away completely with water leaving your jewelry absolutely clean and sparkling.

There are 125-150 applications in each 2.5 oz bottle, so it only costs a few cents per cleaning. Lavish is safe enough to use every day to keep your jewelry sparkling like new. (You don't usually wear dirty clothes... why would you wear dirty jewelry?)  Lavish will remove light to medium (yellow-brown) everyday tarnish from silver. (Because Lavish is designed not to harm applied patinas and antiquing often found on silver jewelry, it won't remove heavy black tarnish.)

Lavish is safe and effective on all metals and gems including soft, porous stones like pearls and opal. Lavish can even be used on costume jewelry and doesn't contain any acids that will break down glue. Lavish is safe for use on antique jewelry pieces as well. The only exceptions are Amber and Ethiopian Opal. Because it is a resin material and not a gem, Amber should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Ethiopian opal is hydrophane, meaning it absorbs water, which can lead to instability and crazing. Any moisture could contribute to problems and should be avoided with Ethiopian opals.