Fairy Bracelet Fastener

Tired of not wearing your bracelets because you can’t get them fastened?

The Fairy Bracelet Fastener is an ergonomic, right or left handed jewelry clasp fastener that allows you to fasten your bracelet or watch with ease.

And the new enhanced fastener has been redesigned to now unfasten your snap barrel clasp bracelet! Simply press the tail end of the fastener into the slot of the snap barrel clasp and like magic, your clasp is open. “New” Bracelet Fairy™ has all of the fine features of the “Original”. Ergonomic design, weighted for stability, strong steel spring, rubber-lined clasp, and right or left hand use.

Made from polycarbonate acrylic, it will travel with you in your suitcase, gym bag or if you are just on the go. It’s ideal for those with arthritis or hand mobility issues, and it makes a great gift too.

Designed in Canada.