Flame Work Designs Dichroic Glass 9mm Studs

These unique Dichroic Glass Studs have been carefully handcrafted by the skillful artists Carolyn & Anthony Green, who live in Victoria, BC. Canada. Each piece of artwork is designed and fashioned from start to finish using only the finest skills in glass craftsmanship.

Fused glass is a process of melting layers of glass together in a kiln at temperatures between 1350-1450 degrees Fahrenheit. When the glass has cooled down after 10-12 hours, they then grind the glass with a diamond bit to shape the piece. After, the glass is then fire-polished and annealed in the kiln to make the glass smooth, shiny, and durable. Each piece of glass goes through 2 to 3 kiln firings before it’s ready to be made into beautiful jewelry.

What makes this glass so sparkly and iridescent is a material called Dichroic that is fuse into the glass. Dichroic was invented in the mid-1970s by the aerospace industry. The glass is created in a vacuum chamber where a complex process vaporizes metal oxides and crystal quartz to form a film that adheres to the surface of the glass.

Colours will change at different angles. Enjoy this neat effect.
This item is made to order so it will vary slightly from the pictures, but will be just as pretty.
Monitors may depict different colours.
These beautiful glass studs are attached to their surgical steel (Nickel Free) backing with non-toxic resin.

Handcrafted in Canada.