Chrysalis Bangle - Good Fortune Collection

At the heart of Chrysalis is everyone’s favorite bracelet -- the expandable bangle with its vast assortment of charms and stones which can be worn alone or stacked in an arm party full of hopes and dreams. More than just decorative charms, each tag carries a special meaning to attract positivity and good energy. The bangle’s unique mechanism makes each piece adjustable for a perfect fit every time. All Chrysalis bangles are 14 karat gold-plated or Silver rhodium-plated.


Garnet Crystal Expandable Bangle - Janurary
Garnet symbolises loyalty and honesty. It is said to enhance creativity and empower the life of the wearer with passion and success.  It will entice love and devotion into coming your way.

Amethyst Crystal Expandabla Bangle - February
Amethyst symbolises freedom. It is said to inspire hope, love, pride and joy to it's wearer.  It is associated with stability, peace, balance, courage, security and sincerity.

Aquamarine Crystal Expandable Bangle - March
Aquamarine symbolises happiness, courage and beauty.  It is said to bring good luck and inner peace to it's wearer.  It will also provide courage, hope and calm.
Diamond Crystal Expandable Bangle - April
Diamond symbolises strength, purity and belief.  It is thought to bring good fortune, prosperity and an abundance of spiritual energy to its wearer.
Emerald Crystal Expandable Bangle - May
Emerald symbolises faith, success and enlightenment. It is said to encourage wealth, good spirit and bring happiness to its wearer.
Glass Pearl Expandable Bangle - June
Pearl symbolises good health, prosperity, friendship and fortune. It is said to offer peace and protection to its wearer and bring them a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
Ruby Crystal Expandable Bangle - July
Ruby symbolises integrity, devotion and sincerity. It is said to have the ability to bring harmony and passion into your life.
Peridot Expandable Bangle - August
Peridot symbolises energy, good karma and love of life. It is said to enhance the cheerful side of it's wearer, encourage pasion, luck and a feeling of wonder that never ends.
Sapphire Crystal Expandable Bangle - September
Sapphire symbolises loyalty, truth, sincerity and insight. It is said to empower, bring respect, wisdom and an overall peace of mind to its wearer.
Pink Tourmaline Crystal Expandable Bangle - October
Pink Tourmaline symbolises hope, innocence and purity. It is said to promote love, luck, loyalty and friendship to the wearer. It is also said to inspire artistic imagination and creativity.
Citrine Crystal Expandable Bangle - November
Citrine symbolises power, courage and creativity. It is said to bring knowledge and success to its wearer. It reflects joy and helps to look forward to the future with optimism.
Blue Topaz Crystal Expandable Bangle - December
Blue Topaz symbolizes good fortune, harmony and faith. It is said to enhance creativity and offer faith and compassion to its wearer.