Chrysalis Bangle - Flourish Collection

At the heart of Chrysalis is everyone’s favorite bracelet -- the expandable bangle with its vast assortment of charms and stones which can be worn alone or stacked in an arm party full of hopes and dreams. More than just decorative charms, each tag carries a special meaning to attract positivity and good energy. The bangle’s unique mechanism makes each piece adjustable for a perfect fit every time. All Chrysalis bangles are 14 karat gold-plated or Silver rhodium-plated.


Snowdrop - January flower.
Known as the flower of hope, the snowdrop is a delicate looking flower symbolising new beginnings and purity. Blooming at its earliest in January when the Winter starts to give way to the springtime and new life begins to shine through.

Violet - February flower.
A true guardian, by wearing your violet flower bangle you will feel safe and protected from all that makes you uneasy. A talisman of love and faithfulness, the bangle will allow your inner light to shine in a way that cannot be explained in words.
Daffodil - March flower.
The radiant sunshine glow of the daffodil represents joy and optimism. A symbol of luck and happiness, wear your daffodil flower tag to celebrate a joyous occasion or simply to bring love and light into your life and that of your loved ones.
Daisy - April flower.
The Daisy brings a message of innocence, purity and virtue to its wearer. A talisman of loyal love and beauty, the daisy will watch over you at all times and never ever tell.
Lily of the Valley - May flower.
Full of fragrance and sweetness, the lily of the valley's delicate bloom conveys a message of happiness and grace. An angelic bringer of good fortune in love and a strong protector from all that is evil.
Rose - June flower.
For generations, the rose has traditionally been the favourite symbol for love and beauty. Symbolising an eternal love or a union that will never fade, the rose represents true love and devotion.
Water Lily - July flower.
The Water Lily emerges from murky waters and blooms magnificently in the sunlight. Symbolising wisdom, rebirth and knowledge, this flower will bring you spiritual understanding and will enlighten your being and revive your passion to learn.
Poppy - August flower.
Be inspired and let your imagination and creativity flow. The Poppy flower tag will allow you to express yourself and bring out the artist from within.
Morning Glory - September flower.
The blooming morning glory signifies the beginning of new life. A talisman of love this flower symbolises affection, beauty and friendship all in a short space of time before fading peacefully away.
Marigold - October flower.
Fun, fiery and vibrant flowers, marigolds offer an inner strength quite like no other. Open yourself up to a more passionate vibrant world. Echoing strength of heart and mind, it will bring good energy and free spirit to yourself and those around you.
Chrysanthemum - November flower.
Enjoy a long, happy and healthy life by wearing your Chrysanthemum bangle. Symbolising cheerfulness and optimism this beautiful flower will let your emotions of joy, hope and love run free.
Blue Narcissus - December flower.
Stay as sweet as you are by wearing your Narcissus expandable bangle. Representing faithfulness, modesty and sweetness, this flower will enlighten your life and spread joy and respect to those close to your heart.