Hannah Hicks Art Mugs

Enjoy your favourite drink in these fun and colourful mugs. 11 oz. mugs have a wrap around image. 

  • - Chickadees mug says,  "I'll Fly Anywhere With You". 
  • - Crow mug says, "I want to crow old with you".
  • - Lobster mug says " Beclaws I love you".
  • - Lighthouse mug also has a sailboat on it.

Made in Nova Scotia.



Happiness, Dignity, and Purpose
Hannah's mission is to spread happiness. Everyone deserves some happy. And she's living out the belief that all people have value; all people deserve to have dignity and purpose. Helping others is important to Hannah and her family.  She supports organizations that employ people with disabilities, and  loves to partner with charitable organizations to raise funds for worthy causes. By supporting people with differing abilities, she is helping build a more inclusive future. A future where people of all abilities have purpose, and the dignity that work provides.